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Jonathan joins GE Family Services as a Social Work Intern to work with adolescents and adults with managing anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma.

I am in my final internship track at ASU in the MSW program. I have experience working with adult college students in counseling and social service referrals from a technical institute, Per Scholas. My focus is on micro elements of social work in therapy and psychology. My primary interest is working with those who have experienced grief, depression, anxiety, and trauma across teenage and adult individuals. 


My undergraduate background is in communications, and I graduated in 2001. During my time in college, I spent time on the debate team. My study in communications at Cal State Los Angeles brought me toward the interest of social sciences and into the realm of psychology. I have experience in interlocution, which has helped me clarify my understanding of the psyche. Bringing the unconscious to the conscious in the practice of self-awareness is what I aim to bring to therapy. Challenging presuppositions and reframing perceptions through philosophy for a meaningful outlook on life is essential to my practice. Placing purpose in one's life through understanding dharma and facilitating a sense of belonging in therapy is central to my outlook. 


I bring my influence from the Socratic method of latent knowledge that a client may have and use that to encourage growth. Assisting the client with understanding where they stand is essential to practice. Helping someone understand their life patterns has been helpful in my experience when working with others. 


Growing up in a single-mother household on welfare has assisted my experience working with low-income clientele. My experience has helped me relate to various populations, diversifying my understanding. Being raised without a father helped me understand the grief of loss and unmet needs. Through my experience, I hope to bring knowledge of self to those I work with. I wish to help others find wisdom and take on a sense of direction.

Jonathan Vasquez, Social Work Intern


2023 - Current

Arizona State University


Cal State Los Angeles University


Rio Hondo Community College

Master of Arts

Social Work

Bachelor of Arts


Associate of Arts


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