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Private Practice Consultation

At GE Family Services, We want to change what is to what is supposed to be.

Mary Elkins started GE Family Services in 2018 working as an expert witness and other forensic work for the Child In Need of Aid (CINA) and Civil (CI) Alaska Court system. She operated this business primarily part-time as she worked full-time for various community behavioral health agencies, and behavioral health group practices in Alaska. On Tuesday, March 29, 2022, her life took an unexpected turn and she had to make a life changing choice, so Mary left her group practice. That first night felt like a blind panic but Mary turns panic into fire and motivation. She decided to realize her dream of owning and operating her own private practice, and open under GE Family Services. This required some restructuring and reorganization; however, Mary was up to the task.

On Monday, April 4, 2022, Mary opened her "doors" and saw her first client under the newly restructured private practice, GE Family Services. Mary was able to work with insurance companies to be "in-network" from the first day she took clients, and with others, she has chosen to stay "out-of-network" intentionally. Mary has done her own insurance billing from the beginning and ensured that her entire business is HIPAA compliant. 

In April 2022, Mary's gross cash profits were approximately $2,000. In May 2022, the first insurance payments came in, and those numbers reached $8,000. Those numbers only continue to grow each month. In the beginning of July 2022, Mary realized she needed to expand to a group practice and hire clinicians to grow with her. 

Mary Elkins is offering professional one-on-one Private Practice Consultation and group training to assist existing and enthusiastic future entrepreneurs.

Consultation is $100/hour and group training is $50/hour.


I want to teach you how to completely go private practice and live your dream. I want to teach you how to live your life the way you want to because you did the work! You got the education! This is what you were trying to do! And I want to teach you how to do that.


Did you learn in your education how do that? You went to school for years. Years! Did you learn how to do that in school?

l didn't learn how to do that in school.

I had to learn that after graduating, and now that I know how to do that--

I’m going to teach you.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to learn more and find out what makes Mary Elkins different.

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