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Gillian joins GE Family Services as a Clinician to work with children, teens, adults, and families dealing with trauma and other challenging family situations. They provide telehealth services throughout Alaska.

I always tell people that I was a social worker well before I ever went to school for a degree. My life experiences have made me the person I am today. Advocacy, empowerment, confidence, education, and crisis management are all attributes I feel passionate about when working with any clients. 

Being open minded to different belief systems, ways of life and other’s thinking processes, has allowed me to accept others as they are. I strive to have a safe, open, accepting environment for my clients to be who they truly are. Masking in everyday society is a very difficult task and everyone, should have someone, they feel safe to be themselves with. 

I have experience working with children from infancy to young adults. I have worked with children both inpatient and outpatient for crisis management, case management and skill building. I have worked with pre-teens and teenagers who were experiencing homelessness without a family support system. During the time I spent in Alaska, I worked with children and their families at an inpatient mental health hospital providing assessments, crisis management and case management when needed. I transitioned to the medical world working in the NICU (neonatology intensive critical unit), pediatrics and maternity units. I enjoy working with parents and parents to be, on multiple levels. I also have experience working with clients who are aging/elderly and the transitions that happen later in life. Along with being a special needs parent myself, working with children with special needs and their families is a passion of mine. 

Types of therapies utilized in session may include but are not limited to humanistic therapy, person-centered, solution focused, cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral therapy. Like each person, every situation may need a different approach. Depending on the client’s needs a mix approach may be what is most beneficial.

Gillian Small-Kota, LCSW



Syracuse University


Syracuse University


Onondaga Community College

Master's of Science

Social Work

Bachelors of Arts




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