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Andrew joins GE Family Services as a Clinician to work with clients in experiencing addiction and other co-occurring disorders. He provides in-person services in Juneau, Alaska, and telehealth services throughout Alaska. 

I was born and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Prior to migrating to the United States of America, I’ve worked as a High School teacher and an administrator for over 12 years. I relocated to Juneau, Alaska in 2014 from Washington, DC and have worked in the Probation/Parole and Pretrial offices in Juneau for five (5) years before transitioning to an Emergency Service Clinician position after obtaining my advanced degree in Addiction Counseling. I’ve also worked as a Direct Support Professional for persons with intellectual disabilities.

I’m a family man with a wife and four children; bilingual and multicultural. This unique background has given me vast experience working with persons from a different ethnicity or race. I respect the viewpoint of persons I serve and never inject my belief/valves into them.

While supporting persons with Suicidal Ideation, Substance use Disorder and Co-occurring Disorders, I use evidence-based approaches that help address their stressors and/or presenting problems. I love fishing, and cooking delicious spicy Sierra Leonean dishes. Snow is not my favorite go to in Alaska but I enjoy the outdoors even during snow.

Andrew Conteh, MA



Grand Canyon University


Njala University

Master of Science 

Addiction Counseling

Master of Public Administration

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