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Chief Clinical Officer
Independent Contractor
Jason joins GE Family Services as a clinician to work with clients in or Anchorage Office. He provides services to children, teens, young adults, adults, and elders dealing with a variety of issues. Jason is well versed in the challenges of life and understands the hardships experienced by many. 

I have worked extensively with adults and teens dealing with trauma, depression, and anxiety. I love working with people who are motivated to heal, and are willing to put in as much effort into themselves as I am willing to put into them. You want to "feel better" and I want to help you reach that goal. I never give up and I will find a way to help you succeed. WE are in this as a team, and I am your biggest supporter.

I utilize EMDR, CBT, Person centered therapy and Choice theory to help my patients reach their goals, reduce anxiety, process trauma, and live their best life. I don't give up on my patients, and I am available for them after business hours. My help does not stop after 1 hour a week, we are in this as a team, and I am my patient's biggest cheerleader.

I treat you as a fellow human being, equal, and not beneath me. I was raised a poor factory worker's son from Western Pennsylvania, then served in the United States Marine Corps. these things shaped who I am, and my goal is to help and serve others. I give my patients 100 percent effort. I am a real person with life experience and a love to help others.

Jason Fedeli, MA, LPC

Jason Fedeli only works with individual clients. (no couples/families)



Adams State University


University of Colorado

Master of Arts

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Bachelor of Arts


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