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Court Involved Family Services

GE Family Services is there to help with your divorce and custody needs. We can work with you to guide you through the process of divorce through Divorce Coaching; we can help you and your co-parent implement your custody order and resolve issues related to your custody order through Parent Coordination services; we can help parents spend time with their children through our Supervised Visitation services.

Let us know if you have questions about the sample of services listed, or if you are looking for another family related service! 

Mother with her Son
Distanced Couple

Parent Coordination

Parenting coordinators (PC) are specially trained professionals that focuses on helping co-parents manage their parenting plan, improve communication, and resolve disputes. In Alaska, PCs are appointed by the court through the custody case. PCs usually are able to talk with parents, children, schools, doctors, therapists, and other important people in the children's lives to help parents reach the best possible choices for their children. This process is intended to help co-parents reach agreements quickly and cost effectively that would without a PC would be expensive and time consuming to take to court.

Family Time

Child Custody Evaluations

GE Family Services are trained child custody evaluators. Let us work with your family to help determine and recommend to the court a schedule and associated parental responsibilities that are in your children's best interests.

Family at a Beach

Supervised Visitation

GE Family Services has extensive experience helping parents spend quality time with their children when safety concerns require assistance from a third party. Supervisors are professional and discreet allowing for natural parent-child experiences while maintaining safety.

Family Fun

Co-Parent Facilitation

Co-Parent Facilitation is very similar to Parent Coordination; however, is often not appointed by the court. The position does not have decision making authority, and works with parents to make the best choices for their children.

Family Dispute

Divorce Coaching

Divorce is an extremely emotionally charged time of anyone's life. GE Family Services can help you navigate the turbulent times to avoid the unnecessary repercussions that come from allowing emotions to drive interactions. Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.

Youth Portrait

ICWA Expert Testimony

Mary Elkins is a member of NICWA and certified as a Qualified Expert Witness. She has worked with Alaska Native tribes for several years as a child protection worker, as well as an advocate for children. Ms. Elkins has been reviewing cases, writing reports, and testifying in Child In Need of Aid proceedings as an expert witness since January 2019.

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