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Nestlyne joins GE Family Services as a Clinician to work with children, teens, adults, and families in-person in Anchorage, Alaska, and over telehealth throughout Alaska. Her strong forensic background offers a collaborative legal and therapeutic experience, if needed. Nestlyne is passionate in helping her clients see the hope within the pain, and the growth within the chaos. 

I am a passionate and committed social worker with a strong grasp of Empowerment Theory and Strength-based Therapy. I enjoy helping individuals identify their strengths and gain back control in some aspects of their lives. I have five years of experience in Child and Family social work, helping parents identify and achieve goals for the best outcome for their family unit. This includes multi-disciplinary work with other medical or mental health providers and legal parties.

I have seven years of experience in forensic social work, helping clients who may struggle with trauma, substance abuse/addiction, mental health, child welfare, domestic violence and/or intimate partner violence. I assist our clients to identify their needs and goals and help to develop a plan to achieve their goals.

I have also worked with the Aging and Elderly population (2022) and LGBTQ Youth struggling with homeless (2023).

Life can get overwhelming for everyone. It's like we're juggling so many balls (priorities) all at once. In the moment, it can be difficult to see which balls have high priority and which ones can be put down. My role is not to make these decisions for you, but to help you organize and uncover root issues to create a plan that is comfortable for you. 

Nestlyne Barcelona, MSW



Walden University


National Organization of Forensic Social Workers (NOFSW) & Child Welfare Academy


University of Alaska, Anchorage

Master of Social Work

Certificate Program (2022)

Forensic Social Work

Training (2017)

Forensic Interviewing of Child Victims

Training (2015)

Child Protective Services

Bachelor of Arts

Criminal Justice and Communication

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