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Aniela Joins GE Family Services as a Clinical Intern to work with adolescents, adults, and families with managing relationships, anxiety, depression, religious and spiritual trauma, and religious abuse recovery.

Aniela Humphries (she/her) is excited to join the GE Family Services team as a counseling intern. Aniela has finished her coursework at the Townsend Institute at Concordia University – Irvine and is beginning her fieldwork in the summer of 2024. She anticipates graduating with her Master’s in Counseling in May 2025.


Aniela works with adult clients of all ages and backgrounds. She is pursuing certification in religious and spiritual trauma and abuse recovery. Aniela also has interests in the intersection of mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, she values the trust of her clients in helping them heal from various traumas including relational and medical.


A personal note from Aniela:

I moved to Alaska on my fourth birthday as my Air Force dad took a position here in preparation for retirement. My parents knew what I would soon discover: Alaska is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. After growing up in Alaska, I moved to the Midwest and lived there for a few years before Alaska called me home, where I raised my own family. I love to read and enjoy nature. I have a background in teaching, pastoral work, and journalism. Much like those positions, I believe counseling is a calling to help people.

Aniela Humphries, Clinical Intern


Expected May 2025

Concordia University


Lewis University

Master of Arts (Expected May 2025)


Bachelor of Arts

Broadcast Journalism

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