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Kelcie joins GE Family Services as a Counseling Intern to work with children, teens, adults, and couples with depression and anxiety.

Kelcie is a dedicated counseling intern with a passion for supporting individuals in their journey towards mental health and well-being. Kelcie is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Walden University and anticipates Commencement in February 2025.


Driven by a commitment to compassionate care and evidence-based practices, Kelcie has completed coursework in various therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions. They are adept at creating a safe and supportive therapeutic environment where clients feel empowered to explore their emotions, thoughts, and experiences.


Prior to entering the mental health field Kelcie completed her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education at Lake Superior State University. With a passion for helping and educating children and their families she enjoyed teaching Head Start. During Kelcie’s time in the classroom, she received extensive training in Conscious Discipline and has developed skills in effective communication with young children as well as problem solving techniques. Kelcie looks forward to continuing her work with children and families as well as adults throughout her internship.


With a warm and empathetic approach, Kelcie is dedicated to helping clients navigate life's challenges, build resilience, and cultivate meaningful connections. They are excited to begin their journey in the field of counseling and make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

Kelcie Kleaver, Clinical Intern


Expected 2025

Walden University


Lake Superior State University

Master of Science

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Bachelor of Science

Early Childhood Education

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