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New Team Member!

GE Family Services is excited to welcome Melissa Skarbek to the team! Melissa is ready to work with individuals, couples, and families involved in the legal system. She provides therapeutic services to assist her clients to meet goals set by the court, probation officers, guardian at litems, Office of Children's Services, and other parties. She is comfortable in the courtroom and provides testimony if needed on these cases with appropriate release from her clients or by the order of the court.

Clients that might be great to refer to Melissa: Co-parents navigating parenting issues, challenges with high conflict within a home or between homes, challenges related to children and parents who need therapeutic supervision/reunification work to build a bond between estranged parent and child, challenges related to parental alienation, parent/child interaction with OCS, and more. If you think that you have a referral that might fall within this scope, reach out!

Melissa will be attending EMDR Basic Training starting August 30-31, and Brainspotting training on September 12-14 and will be able to start using these powerful trauma therapy techniques with clients!


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