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New Team Member!

Reagan joins GE Family Services as a Clinical Counseling Intern from Colorado Christian University to work with children and teens who have experienced trauma and abuse. She is passionate about working with children who have high ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and wants to help these children experience and gain more resilience. Reagan is also interested in working with couples and hopes to help promote healthy families by building healthy relationships between parents and potential parents.

Clients that might be perfect to refer to Reagan include children and teens who have experienced abuse, including sexual abuse; children, teens, and families dealing with adoption issues, premarital couples, and couples who are navigating challenges. Reagan is comfortable working with individuals who are navigating challenges related to family of origin issues, LGBTQA+, and those related to youth trying to navigate the challenges of adolescence into adulthood.

Reagan will be attending Brainspotting training on September 12-14 and will be able to start using this powerful trauma therapy technique with clients!


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