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Izaak joins GE Family Services as a Bachelors of Social Work Intern from Walden University to work with clients who would like assistance with life challenges.

Izaak Cook (He, Him, His) is a dedicated and enthusiastic individual, thrilled to be a part of the GE Family Services Team as an intern. Born in Mississippi and raised in the stunning landscapes of Alaska, Izaak's journey has been one of profound exploration and service.


Completing his high school education at West Anchorage High School, Izaak later embarked on a path that would take him to Grambling State University. Returning to Alaska after his initial academic pursuits, he made a pivotal decision to enlist in the Navy. During his 14-year tenure, he excelled as a Radioman (RM) and later transitioned into the role of an Information Technician (IT). As he made the transition back to civilian life, Izaak keenly observed the challenges faced by fellow Veterans and felt a deep calling to make a positive impact.


This commitment led him to a career with the VA in San Antonio, Texas, where he began humbly as a housekeeper. As a devoted single father of three, Izaak's determination and compassion shone brilliantly. In 2017, he returned to Alaska to support his family and ventured into a new role as an Advanced Medical Support Assistant in the behavioral health department at the VA.


In this role, Izaak stood on the front lines, making a significant impact on the lives of Veterans. Through introspection and personal growth, he discovered a profound affinity for assisting those in need. This realization ignited a passion to further his skills, eventually leading him to embrace the path of a social worker.

Izaak's journey has equipped him with invaluable experience in addressing a diverse range of challenges. From combating negative self-talk and nurturing self-esteem to navigating trauma and supporting identity development, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with individuals, couples, and families across both military and civilian contexts.


Today, Izaak Cook stands as a beacon of resilience, empathy, and unwavering dedication. His journey from Mississippi to Alaska, from military service to social work, exemplifies a profound commitment to service, personal growth, and making a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Izaak Cook, Bachelors Intern


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Walden University

Bachelor of Science

Social Work

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